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NFL Power Rankings, Week 5 - Jaguars movin' on up.

It's time to take a look at the Week 5 NFL power rankings. As the Jefferson's would say, they're movin' on up.

First as always, from the mother ship, the Jaguars pull in at number 22.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)

Last week's rank: 25

Last game: Colts (won)

Jaguars and Colts games are always close, it seems, and this last one was no different as the Jags eked out the victory. I'm still having trouble getting a handle on what kind of team Jacksonville is. For now, I'll say inconsistent.

Adam Caplan of says the Jaguars are lucky the be one game out of first place.

26 - Jaguars - 2-2 - 23/28

That was a heck of a win against the Colts last week, but the Jaguars haven't really shown any consistency this season. The bottom line is they are lucky to be just one game out of first place.

Paul Kuharsky of moved the Jaguars up four spots and said the win energized the city.

Pete Prisco of says this might have been a job-saving win for Jack Del Rio.

23. Jaguars - That might have been a job-saving victory for Jack Del Rio over the Colts. But now he has to show his team can get some consistency by winning against a bad Buffalo team.