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Game Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills (0-4) Week #5
Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)



Date: October 10th, 2010
Location: Orchard Park, NY
Time: 1:00 PM EST
Stadium: Ralph Wilson Stadium
Favorite: Pick Em
Radio: WOKV Over/Under: 41
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The Jaguars and Bills renew their seemingly annual cross divisional rivalry this Sunday in Orchard Park, NY. On paper, this is a game the Jaguars should win. The Bill have one of the least talented rosters in the NFL and are the worst team vs the run in the league. However, as any Jag fan in the Del Rio era knows, that doesn't always ensure a victory. The phrase "Del Rio Letdown" exists for a reason. So, did the Jaguars prepare like they were facing the Colts again, or are the "Fire Jack" chants going to start up again around 4pm on Sunday?

Jaguars Offense vs Bills Defense

As mentioned before, the Bills run defense is ranked dead last in the league. Most pundits are looking at that and then automatically assuming a Jaguar win. However, the Bills were atrocious last year vs the run and still managed to limit MJD to 66 yards on 25 carries. Granted, the interior of the offensive line had perhaps it's worst game of the season, but it is worth pointing out.

The game plan should be almost identical to what the Jaguars had vs the Colts. 1. Because the Bills are a terrible run defense, like Indy. 2. The plan worked really, really well. The way you avoid seeing the David Garrard from San Diego and Philly is to keep the ball out of his hands and when he has to throw, make them high percentage throws.

Looking at the Bills defensive, you have a bad front 7 with a good secondary. Paul Posluszny is the only guy in the front 7 I would like on the Jaguars roster. Something will be made of Marcus Stroud facing his old team again, but at this point it's a nonfactor. Stroud is nowhere near the player he used to be.

As far as the secondary goes, it's probably the Bills best overall unit. It's another reason the Jaguars need to run, run, run. Jarius Bird and company won't be able to get interceptions when Jones-Drew is running off tackle, it's just that simple. When the Jaguars will have to throw, it will be

Adam said something in the "Better Know" thread on Buffalo Rumblings that did make me wonder.

I’m afraid that Garrard is going to lock onto Sims-Walker to make him happy as you said. He’s notorious for looking down his receivers and I can see it happening this week and causing a turnover.

With all of the talk this week on Mike Sims-Walker, it will be interesting to see how it transpires on the field. If David just stares him down then it's going to hurt the offense.

Jaguars Defense vs Bills Offense

For the Jaguars, they'll finally manage to get a break. After facing a murder's row of QBs to start the season, they'll face Ryan Fitzpatrick for the 3rd straight year. Granted, the Bills QB situation has been tenious, but Fitzpatrick has somehow lucked out into being a NFL starter for the third straight year.

The Bills rank dead last in throwing the ball and have given up 11 sacks so far this season. This should allow Aaron Kampman and Tyson Alualu to rack up some nice plays.

The Bills traded away talented but disgrunted RB Marshawn Lynch prior to this game. However, 9th overall pick C.J. Spiller can still be a game breaker.

Another thing to see is how the Jaguars secondary performs. Giving up 300 yards to Peyton Manning and Co. is forgivable. If the Bills are throwing at will, then it's right back to DEFCON 5.

Special Teams and Intangibles

C.J. Spiller has already established himself as a quality punt kick returner and containing him is going to be a must. A cheap TD off of a punt return is the kind of thing that could get Buffalo going.

The main worry of Jaguar fans is how the team will perform. After a history of letdowns after big wins under Jack Del Rio, this isn't unfounded. If this team walks into Buffalo still thinking about how awesome Indy was, things could get ugly.

Player On The Hot Seat

David Garrard, QB

The task for Garrard shouldn't be too difficult, throw it short and let everyone around you make plays. However, he still managed to almost cost the Jaguars the Indy win. Smart efficient football David, that's all we ask.


Jacksonville Jaguars 21

Buffalo Bills 16

I was going racking myself over what was going to win out, the Jaguars coming out flat or the Bills lack of talent. A team can at least right the ship midgame if it has talent, so I'll go with that.