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Ok Jack, you've made your point. Wait, what was your point?

We get it. Derek Cox played poorly against the Broncos. Really poorly.

According to ProFootballFocus he was targeted 9 times and his receivers caught 8 of those balls for 140 yards in that game. So what was the explanation for the bad game?

"We felt like Derek lost his confidence a little bit, and he'll work at it practice." - Jack Del Rio

Now I'm not a psychologist or anything close to one, but Del Rio's methods for restoring Cox's confidence are a little odd.

Step 1: Bench Derek Cox mid-game

I liked this step because I'm a fan of putting the best product possible on the field. In the Denver game, Cox was clearly a liability and David Jones provided much tighter coverage for the remainder of the game. Not exactly a confidence booster, but a smart coaching decision

Step 2: Deactivate Derek Cox against San Diego Del Rio's first move for getting Cox's confidence back was to completely remove him from a game. Unorthodox, but alright. By the way, I strongly believe Derek never saw this coming. I was at the Chargers game early to watch warmups and he was warming up with everyone looking absolutely intent on playing. I'm sure surprising him with news of deactivation was a great booster for his confidence.

Step 3: Activate Derek Cox and keep him on the sideline for all but special teams

Here's another helper for your confidence. You just went from the 2nd best option at cornerback for the Jaguars, to the last resort, if all else fails, guy.

Here's what I think. I think Derek Cox has no problem with his confidence, or at least he didn't. If he didn't before, Del Rio's little therapy session can't have helped. Consider these quotes from Cox following the Broncos loss:

"Am I concerned? No. I'll be back. A couple plays didn't go my way. So what? I'm not going to dwell on that at all. As a defensive back, you can't dwell on it either way, the good plays and the bad ones. This stuff happens every day in this league. I know I'm a good player. I know I can play."

"The game is mental. Staying mentally strong and having a good mental outlook is real important. I'm always optimistic. Somebody on the outside may doubt whether I can play, but I don't. I just missed a couple plays. It happens, but I'll be back."

That sure sounds like a guy who's a headcase, huh?

So what's the real reason Cox is out? That's a good question. According to Tania Ganguli, Jack Del Rio says David Jones will probably start again this week.