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Del Rio Gives the Team Monday Off... Again?

Mike Thomas celebrates the extra day off he was just given by Coach Del Rio.
Mike Thomas celebrates the extra day off he was just given by Coach Del Rio.

Jack Del Rio dangled a carrot in front of his team when they faced the Dallas Cowboys two weeks ago. He promised them something very precious during an NFL season... Time. It is true that the Jaguars needed this win against the Texans desperately, however, we're talking about a young team, not a group of savvy veterans. These players still have a significant amount of growth and potential they have yet to reach, and Monday is usually a day filled with film review and meetings.

Monday is when the game is still fresh in the players' minds, and is the perfect time to truly teach and correct any mental errors that occurred during the game. Typically, players are given Tuesdays off for this very reason. However, after a brilliant coaching performance, complete with excellent offensive and defensive play-calling, Jack does the unthinkable, and gives the team MORE time off.

Could these kinds of decisions be the cause of the up and down inconsistency we see occasionally from the Jaguars on a week-to-week basis? I don't know, all I know is that I don't agree with the decision. The team got their "carrot" last week after demolishing the Cowboys, and we didn't dispose of the Texans in such decisive fashion. We barely won against the league's worst defense...

I love Jack Del Rio. I love his coaching style, I love his aggressive nature, I love his old-school mentality, and I love his passion for running the ball and playing defense. I do not, however, "love" this decision. Coach 'em up! If we come out flat next week, I'm going to point to the day off on Monday and say, "BAD DECISION".

What are your thoughts? Am I overreacting? Would Tom Coughlin give his team days off on consecutive weeks (that's purely rhetorical, as we all know the answer)?

-Collin Streetman