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NFLPA gives NFL 18-game Counter Proposal

According to an ESPN report, the NFLPA has given the NFL a counter proposal that includes an 18-game schedule. Most players are very vocal about being against an 18-game schedule and playoffs, but it seems as if the Union is willing to budge if certain criteria are met. The NFLPA is calling it a "good faith" proposal that also outlines specific player risks that would accompany an expanded schedule.

Here are some of the proposals the NFLPA has included in their counter proposal:

Voluntary offseason workouts would be reduced from the current 14 weeks to five weeks or 20 days (four days a week, four-hour maximum per day).

  • Significantly reduced contact between players during training camp with four practices a week consisting of helmetless and padless periods.
  • Two in-season bye weeks.
  • Expanded rosters from the current 53 to 56 or 57, in addition to practice squads.
  • Increased pro-rated salaries for players under contract.
  • Reduction of the amount of games players become vested to qualify for post-career health care and pension benefits.

A league spokesman has said that the NFL would not have a comment on the counter proposal, which the NFL reportedly received in October.