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Are the Jaguars rewriting yet another script?

In Week 4, we all knew what was coming. The Jaguars had given another valiant effort against the Colts, but it wouldn't be enough. As that interception fell through David Jones' hands, it was a lost cause. Peyton Manning would lead the Colts to score, and eventually somehow find away to beat the Jaguars again.

Instead, the Jaguars rallied after the score and Josh Scobee booted a field goal that could've gone into the St.John's River to win the game.

In Week 5, everyone expected the usual Del Rio letdown vs the Bills. Mike Thomas fumbled a punt to start it off, and then the Bills struck to make it 7-0. Everyone began to panic and wanted Jack's head on a pike yet again. Instead, the team managed to weather the storm and beat the Bills like good teams should.

Last Sunday, the Jaguars were coming off the bye week to their tormentors, the Texans. A double whammy of bad omens for the team. The Jags struggles after the bye week and the Texans have been well documented. As the Texans began to battle back, it seemed as if another dagger would be stuck into the Jaguar's hearts. Instead, the Jaguars managed to just let the Texans do what the Texans do best. Screw up.

In an up and down season, there have been plenty of times where Jaguar fans have thought they were seeing Deja Vu, only for the team to somehow pull it out. Now, can the Jaguars rewrite the script that has plagued them the most under the Del Rio era?

At 5-4, the Jaguars can control their own destiny to get into the playoffs. With rematches vs every divisional opponent still on the schedule, the Jaguars have the potential to grab the AFC South by the horns. A win vs Cleveland, couple with the Colts losing to New England, would put the Jaguars tied for the AFC South lead.

If that were to happen, Jack Del Rio would enter the most important 4 game stretch in his career. Games at New York, Tennessee, Indianapolis, and home vs Oakland will determine how the Jaguars ultimately view the 2010 season.

In 2004,2006, and 2009 the Jaguars were in control of their playoff destiny and then still managed to spend January watching football games from their couches. If that happens again in 2010, than the implosion many thought Gene Smith would give to the team will come to fruition.

I've often been called jaded and cynical, but this time I say "Why Not Us?" Why can't the Jaguars rewrite another script and capture the AFC South title?