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Who Powered Through - Jaguars Mike Sims-Walker

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On Monday, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver sent out a Tweet with a picture of his ankle while he was sitting in the training room. You could tell it was bruised and swollen. Sims-Walker said with the picture, "Played through this (swollen ankle) yesterday pretty much the whole game 'cause my brakes don't work!"

Those unfamiliar with Sims-Walker on Twitter might not get the "my brakes don't work," reference. Sims-Walker constantly talks about how he's homeless, he's got no roof, his ribs are showing because he's hungry, and he can't stop because he doesn't have any brakes. Sims-Walker hasn't been nearly as productive stat-wise as a lot of us had hoped this season, but he's second on the team in touchdown receptions. The fact that he was able to play the entire game with his ankle in that kind of shape is impressive, and shows he'll "Power Through" to help the team get a victory. Sims-Walker actually went down with an injury a couple of times in the game, but was able to finish it.

If you remember on the Hail Mary that won the game, Mike Sims-Walker was the receiver who's job was to pull coverage into the endzone. He said he tried to get a call for pass interference just in case the Immaculate Deflection didn't work. Sims-Walker joked and said he "Paul Pierce'd it" when he got thrown to the ground on the play.