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Receiver battle: Getting them out on the field

The things that I am most concerned about on the injury reports for Sundays game are the receivers. Mike Sims-Walker and Joshua Cribbs are both in doubt for the game. Sims-Walker, despite his inconsistencies, is a big part of the Jaguars passing game. Against a Browns team that is stout against the run, and walks a lot of guys around in their front seven to confuse QBs, having a guy who can beat his one on one on the outside can really help to reduce the pressure on Garrard. On the Browns side, up until the arrival of Peyton Hillis, Cribbs was the best thing since sliced bread. He's a playmaker, and his wildcat and return ability makes him very dangerous. Cribbs is Questionably with sprained toes, and Sims-Walker has been listed as Doubtful after MJD rolled over Sims-Walker's ankle during a run last game.

If these guys can get on the field, they could be difference makers. I think Cribbs is more important to his offense, because the Jaguars' skill player group has more talent than the Browns, especially at receiver. The Browns receiving corps has actually been of questionable talent for years. Back to the injuries, Questionable means there is a "50 percent" chance a player will play, and Doubtful means a "25 percent" chance. I've been getting the feeling that neither man will play, but according to Bernie19Kozar (The guy answering questions from Dawgs by Nature), Cribbs is likely to try to grit it out and play through the injury. I've never really dislocated a toe, so I can't say what the effect would be on a player. If Cribbs could make it out, it would be a big emotional boost for the Browns, and having either of these players on the field will greatly affect the flow of this game. Keep your eyes peeled Sunday morning.


UPDATE: Josh Cribbs has been ruled OUT for Sunday's game.