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Vince Young and Jeff Fisher quarrel in the locker room?

"Young is done for the Titans this season, injury or not. I don't think he ever plays for Coach Jeff Fisher again," tweeted Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean after the Tennessee Titans fell to the Washington Redskins in overtime today. In a day in which the Jacksonville Jaguars sit at first place in the division, this could mean big news within the division. Per Jim Wyatt, Titans quarterback and former first round pick Vince Young and Titans head coach Jeff Fisher exchanged words in the locker room following the loss.

Per Wyatt, Jeff Fisher was gathering the team together in the locker room and Vince Young was throwing out expletives, to which Fisher asked Young to be quiet. Vince Young got dressed after the game and headed towards the exit. Jeff Fisher told Young not to walk out on his teammates. Young turned and allegedly responded to Fisher, and this is paraphrasing, "I'm not running out on my teammates. I'm running out on you."

In the post game press conference, Fisher also said that Young has lost his job as the starting quarterback of the Titans, injury or not. It sounds like Young is likely headed to injured reserve, but one thing is now certain: The Jaguars won't be facing Vince Young in two weeks when they head to Tennessee.