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Jaguars Captain of the Tailgate

We're going to do this topic on a weekly basis to give our readers a chance to pimp what they do to make their tailgating experience the best there is. Whether it be at the Jacksonville Jaguars games, or something else, let us know what you bring to eat, drink and play with as you await your team's game. The topics we will hit weekly will be:

- The Best Food
- The Best Drinks
- The Best Festivities
- The Best Gear
- The Best Gadgets

This week we'll focus on the "Best Gear" category. Usually I get to wear a pair of nice pants, some decent shoes, and a nice collared shirt. Though, when I'm not up in the box I generally wear my Jaguars AFC South shirt, shorts (even in December, yay), my vans or flip-flops and one of my various Jaguars hats.

What do you do?