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Jacksonville Jaguars Quick Bytes

The Jaguars linebackers were key in Paul Kuharsky's Decisive Moment.

Vince Young is the league's top rated passer. Who else do you think is in the top 5? Paul Kuharsky has the details.

Interesting note on this quote: "Garrard (112.1) is No. 1 in the fourth quarter but has built some of that against prevent defenses protecting big leads."

In fact, David Garrard is only 7-13 for 46 yards and one touchdown (along with three sacks) in the 4th quarter of the team's four losses. He threw just one pass against San Diego (a touchdown from 3 yards out) and none against Tennessee or Kansas City. Therefore he faced a prevent defense only once, and that was against Philadelphia (no one plays prevent at the goal line). In four victories, Garrard is 10-16 for 104 yards 2 TDs and one rushing touchdown. It seems that his stellar 4th quarter rating is due primarily to his performance in games where the other team needed to stop him.

The Jaguars are currently 19th in the week 8 ESPN Power Rankings.

Vic has them at No. 22.

Tania Ganguli: The Jaguars are looking forward to a midseason respite, but the schedule is about to get much tougher.

Ganguli discusses Marcedes Lewis, Mike/Mike, and a surprised tight end in Tuesday's Jaguars Notebook.