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Randy Moss and Shawne Merriman available on waivers

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Former Minnesota Viking wide receiver Randy Moss and former San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman are both available on waivers today. I highly doubt the Jacksonville Jaguars will be interested in either one, though both would potentially help the football team in one way or another.

The Jaguars are seemingly weak in the linebacker department, but Merriman is more strictly a 3-4 outside linebacker. I'm not sure how good he'd be with his hand on the ground, either. Merriman has lost the burst he once had that made him so great at wrecking havoc in opponents backfields. He's pretty poor in pass coverage and that's the area the Jaguars linebackers are lacking.

Randy Moss would be a nice luxury to add to the Jaguars offense, but owner Wayne Weaver vetoed that acquisition when he was available from the Oakland Raiders a few years ago. I don't expect that stance to change at all, even though I think the Randy Moss "cancer" effect is greatly overblown.

The Jaguars are currently 12th in the waiver wire claim order. Claims must be made by 4 P.M. today.