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Jaguar Quick Bytes

David Garrard was the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Well deserved I think.

State of the whale by Vic. This is why I love this guy, he is just brilliant.


Garrard is also a nominee for the Fedex Air and Ground award. VOTE NOW!!!


I don't know about everyone else but I have a great feeling about this year's Jags. I'm not saying we are going to the playoffs, but don't you see us being in that conversation (you know the one where all the talking hair do's make predictions) about which teams are close to being a contender? We are definitely going in the right direction.


Don Banks sums up the way the jags are this season in his power rankings. He's right by the way.


Tim Hasselbeck (Yeh, that Tim Hasselbeck) runs the rule over David Garrard.


It's not directly related to the Jaguars, but we are gonna some how have to cover him. Randy Moss is now a Titan. He isn't dominant like he once was, but he can still dictate coverage when he is on his game (i.e. he can be bothered to reach out and catch a ball) and opens up the other receivers. I do however really wanna see D. Cox go at it with him.