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Jaguars OT Kevin Haslam - Q&A

Thanks to the people at X-A-M Sports, Big Cat Country was given the opportunity to ask rookie offensive lineman Kevin Haslam during the Jaguars bye week.

Jonathan Loesche: What were your thoughts coming into training camp being an UDFA?

Basically I knew it was an opportunity to show what I can do. I didn’t get drafted so I had to get past that and just show people what I’m about.

Jonathan Loesche: How did it feel to make the opening day roster?

A very good feeling considering I was a non-combine guy who didn’t get drafted. I just had to push through all that and I did. It was just a great feeling over all of achievement and a dream fulfilled.

Jonathan Loesche: What are your goals for the rest of the year?

My goals are to get better and learn every position (guard and tackle) best to my ability and then some.

kterr: What advice do you have for other UDFA’s attempting to make an NFL roster?

The biggest advice is that you are all equal in camp so you just have to outplay everyone on every play.

kjones407: Who do you go up against the most in practice and how are you helping each other develop?

I play a lot of positions but I see a lot of Larry Hart and Tyson Alualu. They go hard every play so that helps.

kjones407: And have you went up against Aaron Kampman and how much of a challenge is that?

Oh yeah…I do go up a lot against him. He is a pro bowler and goes hard every play, he’s technically sound and has a high motor so it’s good work for me and a privilege to go up against someone like that.

ruffdaddy: Hello Kevin, have you spent any time with Tony Boselli, and if so, what did you learn from him?


ruffdaddy: What is the one area you most need to improve to become a front-line tackle in this league?

One area for me to improve on would be decision making – everything is so much faster in the NFL. You just have to have the poise and the awareness to play faster and then ultimately better.

rws591: Obviously you'd like to push for one of the tackle spots, but do you have the ability and willingness to play at guard?

Yes any spot really. If they want me to play center I’ll play center.

rws591: As the tackle position seems filled for the next "10 years," I’d love to see you start next to Monroe, what would your thoughts on such a move be?

Yeah I would love to and I’ve played next to Eugene before. I’ll take any opportunity to start.

Zoltan from Budapest: The players who came from Rutgers making more and more impact lately in the NFL. What makes that school so successful lately?

I guess the way they prepare us. Coach Schiano runs it like an NFL program. On certain days we would have Pro Days so we would have a 6am wake up, practice, eat lunch, meetings, film, etc. He certainly helped us with the transition.

Surteal: What's your best position, in your opinion?

People ask me that question and my answer is whatever position I’m playing that week.

Thanks much! Appreciate all the support – Kevin.