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NFLPA issues complaint against Ian Greengross

This isn't specifically Jacksonville Jaguars related, as Ian Greengross doesn't currently represent any current or former Jacksonville Jaguars, but it is pertinent to the NFL in general. The NFLPA's Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline (CARD) issued a complaint against Ian Greengross today for violating provisions of the NFLPA's regulations on recruiting and representing players, most notably for the actions of his recruiter, Kenny Rogers. Not the Kenny Rogers who's a gambler or the owner of a chain of rotisserie chicken restaurants.

This all of course stems from the issues involved with current Auburn quarterback and Heisman hopeful Cam Newton. Most of us are familiar with the story of Newton having been kicked off the football team at the University of Florida when he was the back up to now Denver Bronco Tim Tebow.  Newton then transferred to small junior college in Texas and ultimately signed a letter of intent to play at Auburn, where he currently is.

Back in July, former Jacksonville Jaguars beat writer for the Florida Times-Union Michael C. Wright, now working for ESPN Chicago dropped a story on the NFLPA investigating Greengross.

Initially, Greengross, who heads Game Sports and Entertainment, said, "not that I know of" when asked if he was aware of the NFLPA's investigation, adding that Rogers "doesn't work for me. I never paid him."

Later in the conversation, Greengross said that Rogers, who played college football at Mississippi State and for the Miami Dolphins during the 1987 strike, did work for him.

As Wright writes, the issue at the time wasn't with the relationship between Greengross and Rogers but the method in which Rogers recruited players and represented himself. The tie-in here with Cam Newton, is that Rogers has been accused of essentially "selling" Newton's services to the highest bidder. In an ESPN report, it alleges that Kenny Rogers sought cash in order for the services of Cam Newton.

Former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond told a teammate of Bond's at Mississippi State in the early 1980s contacted him soon after Newton's official visit to Mississippi State during the Ole Miss game in December, and said he was representing Newton.

"He said it would take some cash to get Cam," Bond said. "I called our athletic director, Greg Byrne, and he took it from there. That was pretty much it."

Sources told the former teammate is Kenny Rogers, who played at Mississippi State from 1982 to '85. Rogers operates a Chicago-based company called Elite Football Preparation, which holds camps in Chicago, Alabama and Mississippi. A Lexis search for that business lists Kenneth Rogers as the contact and his title as "agent." A Birmingham News story from 2008 said Elite Football Preparation "matches high school athletes with college programs."

Cecil Newton, Cam's father, said that Cam met Rogers when he was leaving junior college. He sought out Rogers about Mississippi State because he played there. Rogers allegedly represented himself as an NFLPA employee.

Here is the official press release from the NFLPA:


The NFLPA's Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline (CARD) issued a disciplinary complaint against NFLPA Contract Advisor Ian Greengross today for violating numerous provisions of the NFLPA's Agent Regulations while recruiting and representing players, and for the actions of his recruiter, Kenny Rogers. Under the NFLPA Regulations, an agent is held responsible for the actions of his recruiters, employees and associates if their conduct violates the Regulations. Rogers is alleged to have, at various times, misrepresented to prospective player-clients that he was an NFLPA employee, a Club official and an official from a testing service in an effort to recruit them. He also is alleged to have recruited players as clients while those players were signed to agent contracts with other agents in violation of the Regulations.

Under the Regulations, Greengross now has the opportunity to answer the complaint, after which CARD may impose discipline, including a fine, suspension or revocation of his Certification as a Contract Advisor. Given the significance of the violations, CARD is considering exercising its right to immediately impose discipline pending any hearing on the matter and has asked Greengross to show cause as to why such action should not be taken.

As you know if you've been following the story, Greengross and Rogers have not returned any calls or issued a statement on the subject.

So what does all of this have to do with the Jacksonville Jaguars? Absolutely nothing, but I find it interesting. You can follow the full story on the main site here.