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Jacksonville Jaguars Scouting Locations Week #10

November is here and this is when college football separates the contenders from the pretenders. In addition, this is when scouts begin to make their final judgments on prospects. Do they like them, or do they "like like" them.

This week, Chris Steuber reports the Jaguars will be in attendance at North Carolina St/Clemson, Arkansas/South Carolina, Oklahoma/Texas A&M, and Rutgers/USF. In addition, the Jaguars were spotted at Auburn this week.

Most of these teams have already been visited by a Jaguars scout, so these are most likely trips to figure out who to zero in on during the offseason.

One notable exception is Arkansas. Ryan Mallett was the notable exception in the Jaguars search for a QB of the future. Now the Jags will have seen all of the big names in person at least once.