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Jaguars match-up with Texans a pivotal one

This Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars host division foe the Houston Texans. It's a pivotal game for both teams in the landscape of the AFC and AFC South. The teams are both 4-4 on the season and both hold a 1-1 divisional record. While the NFL Playoffs are a long shot at this point, it's still possible if the Jaguars can exit the bye week as hot as they entered it.

According to, the Jaguars are tied with the Texans and Miami Dolphins sitting at 9th in the NFL all at 4-4. The Jaguars have the Raiders in front of them at 5-4 and the Indianapolis Colts at 5-3 coming off a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Bringing up the rear, the decimated San Diego Chargers are making a push to get back in the race at 4-5.

With a loss the Jacksonville Jaguars are not necessarily out of the playoff picture, the window does however begin to start closing. If you can jump to 5-4 you're still in control of your own destiny so to speak. If you drop to 4-5, you'll need a ton of help and to get on a roll.

Similar to the match up with the Dallas Cowboys that could leave the team at 3-5 or 4-4 hitting the bye, this week is equally important. It's a division rival and an AFC opponent. Tie breakers are in play on Sunday if the Jaguars want to make the playoffs.

The road from here only gets tougher, which makes this match-up that much more important. You still have the surging Browns the following week, trips to Nashville, Indianapolis, Houston, and New York against the Giants. You've still got to deal with the Raiders (who are playing well right now), and I'm not quite sure what to expect out of the Washington Redskins.

Every win and loss from here on out is exceedingly more important if the Jaguars have playoff hopes.