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Jaguars enter their house of horrors against the Titans

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The Jacksonville Jaguars will travel to face the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, a place they haven't won since Quinn Gray was filling in for an injured David Garrard in 2007. Prior to that, they won there in 2005 under then starter Byron Leftwich. In fact, David Garrard has never won a game against the Titans as a starter at LP Field.

He's not the only one who struggles there, however.


Under Jack Del Rio, the Jacksonville Jaguars have only won at LP Field three times and lost four times, including the last two visits. As mentioned, David Garrard has never won there as a starter. In defeat, it hasn't been very kind to him either.

David Garrard TD INT
2006, L 17-24 1 3
2008, L 10-17 1 2
2009, L 13-30 0 2
Maurice Jones-Drew TD Rush Yards
2006, L 17-24 1 98
2007, W 28-17 1 101
2008, L 10-17 0 13
2009, L 13-30 2 177

Maurice Jones-Drew is really the only person who's typically had good games at LP Field. It's been a place of struggle for the Jaguars recently and it likely won't be any different on Sunday. The Jaguars will likely look for a game plan similar to what was drawn up against the New York Giants.

Run the football.

The Titans are allowing an average of 111.2 yards on the ground per game at 4.0 yards per carry. If the Jaguars can gain yards on the ground in a similar fashion to what they did last Sunday, they offense should be able to score some points. The Titans passing defense is down from where it normally is, but they still force turnovers in the passing game. The Titans have 15 interceptions on the season and David Garrard has thrown four interceptions in his last two games. The Titans also get to the quarterback with the best of them, second in the NFL in total sacks with 32.

If the Jaguars can't run the football and are forced into passing the football, much like in the second half against the Giants, it could be a rough day offensively.

Defensively, the Jaguars will likely be facing quarterback Kerry Collins who should be back from a calf injury. Collins took over for an injured Vince Young in the match up on Monday Night where the Titans pounded the Jaguars. Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson is coming off a game where he did absolutely nothing against the Houston Texans, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about being the team facing Johnson after his worst day as a pro.

As someone said on Twitter, "I don't know stats for how top running backs do after epically low outputs, but if it wasn't good I doubt they'd be top running backs."