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No Courtney Greene is a hit for the Jaguars

Some might think it's wrong to use a picture of a man in pain with tears running down his face, but I wanted to display how painful Jacksonville Jaguars safety Courtney Greene's shoulder injury was for anyone who's never had one. Playing baseball all my life and a bit of football, I've dislocated my shoulder multiple times and we'll just say it's no picnic. Courtney Greene hasn't been officially ruled out for Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders yet, it's highly doubtful he will play. While the Jaguars pass defense isn't very good to begin with, missing Greene will hurt the defense.

While Greene isn't excellent in coverage, he's good enough. Greene's real impact that will be missed is his presence in the running game. Since Greene's been inserted into the line up as an everyday starter, he's set the tempo for the running game. Greene is that classic strong safety who can come up in the box and assit with the run. While Greene hasn't had any "Jacked Up!" hits yet this season, if you watch him in a game he brings the lumber. When a back is slowed down, Greene comes in and lands the kill shot. He lets other teams backs know, they're going to be hit and hit hard.

The Oakland Raiders are a similar team to Jacksonville, in the sense that they're a run first team. Without Greene, safety Sean Considine is going to have to fill that "in-the-box" role that Greene does so well. The whole problem there however, is Consisine has a tendancy to miss tackles that Courtney normally wouldn't. I'd expect the Jaguars see a lot of Darren McFadden and Michael Bush on Sunday, with a little bit of Jacoby Ford over the top sprinkled in. Considine and Don Carey will need to be on their A-game.

The Jaguars also called up safety Michael Hamlin from their practice squad this week, which further hammers home the belief that Greene will miss Sunday's game.