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2010 Jaguars: Running Wild

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The Jaguars are quickly becoming the best running team in the NFL. 234 yards rushing helped the Jaguars to pick up a hard fought win against the Raiders. That's the 3rd straight game the Jaguars have finished with 200+ rushing yards, a franchise record. Maurice Jones-Drew recorded his 6th straight 100+ rushing game, the second longest streak in franchise history. His 101 yards weren't even the most on the team as Rashad Jennings recorded 109 yards on just 5 carries, including a 74 yard rushing touchdown that is the longest of the season.

Of the six game streak for MJD, this game easily impressed me most. Each and every yard earned on the first 22 carries were had through a gritty, tough, blue collar running style. The Raiders rush defense was much stronger than the Titans of the weak prior and it was very evident. Had it not been for a 30 yard touchdown on his 23rd and final carry of the game, the Raiders very well could've been the team to break Jones-Drew's streak.

Technically the Jaguars aren't the best rushing team in the NFL, but if they continue on their current path they soon will be. They have made up serious ground on the league leading Kansas City Chiefs and are 2nd in the league in rushing yards. Going into week 14, the Jaguars were 23.7 yards per game behind the Chiefs. After a 234 yard performance and a 48 yard performance by the Chiefs, the Jaguars are just 7.6 yards per game behind the Chiefs.

What does this mean for the Jaguars? It means that they're hitting their peak as a running team just in time for a playoff run. With the 32nd best rush defense of the Colts on the schedule next week for the Jaguars, a strong running game is exactly what the doctor ordered.