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Beat the Colts, Jaguars will win the AFC South

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With the Houston Texans falling to the Baltimore Ravens in overtime on a Matt Schaub pass intercepted by Josh Wilson and returned for a touchdown, it sets up for a virtual playoff game on Sunday in Indianapolis against the Colts. It's as simple as this: If the Jaguars win, they win the AFC South. With a win over the Colts, it will push the worst record possible by the Jaguars to 9-7 and the best record possible by the Colts to 9-7. The Jaguars hold the tie breakers however, so the division is theirs for the taking.

If the Jaguars fall to the Colts, the division crown is still attainable, but it's exponentially harder to get as they will no longer hold any tie breakers. The Jaguars will then need to focus on trying to win the Wild Card and hoping for teams like Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the New York Jets to start losing.