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Ball-Control Offenses Need to Control the Ball

Duh. It seems so obvious that it shouldn't be said, but for the Jaguars it has been an issue against the Colts.

While this game is being billed as good passing vs. good running, this is nothing new for these two teams. Since Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts, the two teams have played each other 18 times. Of those 18 games, the Colts have outpassed the Jaguars 15 times and the Jaguars have outrushed the Colts 14 times. The Colts average 273 passing yards a game, while the Jaguars average 185. The Jaguars average 152 rushing yards a game, while the Colts average 85.

Obviously, the Jaguars are the ones that would be described as the "ball-control" offense. They're the ones running the ball and making a priority on time of possession. However, in the contests between the two teams the Jaguars have won the turnover battle only four times. They've lost six times. The other eight times, the teams turned the ball over an equal amount. What would appear to be good news, is that the Jaguars have won the turnover battle in two of the last three games and three of the last five. 

In 2010, the Jaguars have had issues with turnovers as they're currently tied for last in the NFL with a -10 turnover ratio. The Colts haven't done too well in the turnover category either with Peyton Manning's recent struggles and rank 21st in the NFL at -4 in turnovers.

During the Jaguars' six week hot streak, they've managed to correct the problem a little, keeping their turnover margin at 0 over the span. The Colts can't say the same as they've gone -7 in their last six games.

"One will run and the other will pass and I think both teams will score a lot of points, just as they did on Oct. 3. The game will be decided by turnovers, just as it was on Oct. 3." - Vic Ketchman (12/14/10)