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Colts not bothered by Jaguars talk. Wait, what?

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Last night on ESPN, Bob Holtzman expressed that the Indianapolis Colts are not bothered by all the talk from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

All the talk from the Jaguars? Huh? What talk?

The closest thing to trash talk was from Rashean Mathis saying "Who is Dominic Rhodes?" yesterday before practice when asked about Rhodes little brother comment. "Everybody keeps saying Indy, Indy. What about us? What about the Jacksonville Jaguars? What about us going out and executing and holding everything we want in our own hands?" Jaguars middle linebacker Kirk Morrison said to the Times-Union.

 Times-Union writers Vito Stellino and Gene Frenette were equally as confused on Twitter last night and this morning.

Just saw ESPN report by Bob Holtzman from Colts talking about them not getting bothered by all things Jags are saying. What does that mean? It's not like Jags are talking big smack. Morrison said after Oakland game, "Everybody says Indy, Indy. What about us?" That was about it  - Gene Frenette on Twitter.

I think I know where ESPN got the idea the Jags were talking smack. The Indy Star ran a story with headline "Jaguars rankle Colts players.'' I thought oh, they did, what happened? The story was based on the Morrison and Knighton quotes. Dominic Rhodes was quoted as saying, "They're like the little brother right now.'' Jones Drew said "There is a lot of truth to that.'' - Vito Stellino on Twitter.

Then again, maybe Holtzman was referring to Jack Del Rio's quip about the Colts piped in crowd noise.