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Will the Ghosts of Decembers past haunt the Jaguars once more?

Jaguar fans all remember the 2004 game vs the Houston Texans all too well
Jaguar fans all remember the 2004 game vs the Houston Texans all too well

The Jaguars are sitting at 6-5 and somehow find themselves at the top of the AFC South. While not quite the usual script, for the 6th time in Jack Del Rio's tenure, the Jaguars will be playing meaninful games in the final month of the season. What has Jaguar fans upset and cautious is that meaningful games doesn't usually mean memorable ones.

The collapses under Del Rio have been well documented. In 2004, 2006, and 2009 the Jaguars entered December with a playoff birth in sight only to let it slip through their fingers. Now, with almost everyone's job on the line, can the Jaguars get it done?

I've written a few times this year about how the Jaguars have managed to rewrite some of their old scripts this season. A close win vs the Colts when heartbreak seemed imminent, beating the Bills when a post-Colts hangover seemed likely, and escaping with several other close wins have given the Jaguar fans reason to hope this year.

However, the script that has ultimately doomed the Jaguars always starts like this. Another year filled with hope and promise. Another year of telling ourselves why it isn't like the previous years.

As Alfie said yesterday, David Garrard has never won in Nashville as a starter. His performance in Nashville in 2006 still serves as the poster child of Jaguar late season collapses. If the team wants to start rewriting one final script in 2010, Nashville would be the place to do it.