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Jaguars can't lose out, must pull a Kanye West

To quote Kanye West: "If you fall on the concrete, that's yo asphalt."

Well, the Jaguars did just that in Indy, and they know that it's their fault. In one of (if not the) most important regular season games in Jaguars history, the Jaguars failed. Still, nothing is ever over when you have talent. Consider Kanye West, if you will: He made himself a villain when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA's. Under the brightest of lights, he looked bad. Real bad. Many thought he was done, but out of the ashes came 2010's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." The buzz around the CD was huge, and critics and fans alike loved the new CD.

In it, Kanye charts how his ego has ruined the best thing in his life. As the CD comes to a close, he finds himself lost in the world, but knowing now what must be done to survive into the future. The Jaguars are in limbo now with Kanye, their faults and failure visible to all. But this is no time to play the "Blame Game," it's time to buckle down. Floating just outside of the playoff picture with two games remaining in the NFL season, Who Will Survive in Jacksonville? The answers will be very different if we win our last two games than they will be if we lose.

At the beginning of the year, no one knew what to expect out of the Jaguars this year. The media predicted that we would wind up last in the division, and while the fans expected more than that, guesses were all over the map. Marcedes Lewis and Mike Sims-Walker had upcoming contracts. David Garrard had his leadership and ability called into question by Jack Del Rio. Del Rio himself promised the team would challenge for the playoffs in a gesture that few people took seriously. At 8-5, people began to believe. At 8-6, it all becomes about how you finish. Forget the playoffs, forget the Colts. That game did not kill us. Will it make us Stronger?

Jack Del Rio was poised last week to see the Jaguars over the top, but he didn't. If we lose the next two games, he might be gone. The same could be said for Garrard. People are talking about Garrard, "and I heard 'em say/ nothing's ever promised tomorrow, today." Yes, he just set the franchise record for TD passes in a season, but he's 32 years old, he's been beaten up in his 5 years as a starter, and he's proven himself to be a middle of the road QB. The team is also looking at drafting a new QB next year, likely in the first or second round.

The Jaguars remaining games are at home against the Redskins and at Houston. Judging by record these games are winnable. Judging by overall talent, these games are extremely winnable. Washington just benched their starting QB and the Texans are starting to look like quitters. The blackout has been lifted for next week, so the Jaguars don't have to worry about that anymore. All the Jaguars need is to do their job and all of the negative stuff that's been flowing around recently just goes away. If you don't believe me, you can ask Kanye: After all, even Dubya forgave him.