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Could two Jaguars break the 10 touchdown mark receiving?

Hey! Touchdown, mane.
Hey! Touchdown, mane.

David Garrard set the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise record for passing touchdowns against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Two of those touchdown passes went to wide reciever Mike Sims-Walker, pushing his season total to 7 touchdowns (giving him 14 TD's in the last two seasons). Tight end Marcedes Lewis currently has 9 receiving touchdowns. There are two games left on the Jaguars schedule, and both are against bad defenses.

The Washington Redskins, who travel to EverBank Field this weekend, are dead last in the NFL in total defense. The Houston Texans, who the Jaguars play the following week, are ranked 30th in total defense. The Texans are dead last in passing defense and the Redskins are tied for 30th (so, next to last) in passing defense. The Jaguars should be able to move the ball through the air against both of these teams.

The injury report doesn't come out until later today, but I'd expect Maurice Jones-Drew to be on it again. It was obvious Jones-Drew was favoring his knee against the Colts, combined with the Colts stuffing the run, it forced the Jaguars to pass more in the second half. Against the Redskins this weekend, the Jaguars should think about passing more to start the game.

We know what the Redskins are going to try to do defensively, force the Jaguars to throw. So, with that assumption the Jaguars should challenge the Redskins out of the gate. While Rex Grossman put up yards and touchdowns last week, it's still Rex Grossman and the Redskins offense hasn't been very good much of the season. It's a solid gamble for the Jaguars to take. If the Jaguars do take that gamble however, it's possible two players could either tie or surpass wide receiver Reggie Williams for the Jaguars single season receiving touchdown record.

Marcedes Lewis needs one more to tie, and Sims-Walker needs three. It's very, very possible both will tie it and Lewis should break it. For a team that isn't very effecient really passing the football (27th in passing offense), it's pretty remarkable how effecient they have been in the redzone. Both of these players have shown they're reliable redzone targets and David Garrard certainly takes advantage of it.