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Why did people actually agree with me? I didn't think we should really air it out...

Maybe this is a self-centered way of looking at the world; I've been known to have a bit of an ego. I just want to know, did... did the Jaguars actually agree with me on passing more? Because that was a really bad idea. I mean, yeah, I wrote an article this week suggesting that the Jaguars should throw the ball more this week against the Redskins. They did it and it led to a very disappointing loss. I only wrote that "Air it Out" article because I thought the Alfie's and Pksiv's of BCC would get a conversation started on it. The front page was looking lonely so I figured I'd write something to keep the chatter going. I was surprised no one called me a moron for writing that article. Now this is not me trying to hedge my bets or anything, it was a bad plan to put the game in the hands of Garrard. He's never been the Ben Roethlisburger, Tom Brady type, who runs the offense just the same no matter who he has around him. He's not a stud QB. He's more of the careful, don't screw anything up type of player.

Garrard is mostly a game manager. It's not a dirty word. Even the greatest Garrard haters will give you that he is competent as a game manager. The difference is that some people see a game manager as good enough to help a good team win, while others see a game manager as bad enough to fail when the game is on the line. Both are true. I usually see the positive, but in games where Garrard has to do everything, he is consistently exposed.

The M.O., the bread and butter, the entire way of life of this Jaguars team is running the ball. In their 8 wins, the Jaguars have averaged, averaged 184 yards per win on the ground. Yes, that said one hundred and eighty-four yards. On the season we average 146.5 yards per game, which is good enough for fourth best in the league. If we have 184 yards in our 8 wins and average 146 yards in 15 total games, then that means that in Jags losses the average rushing yardage is close to 100 yards. That even includes the one Giants game where the Jaguars topped 200 yards rushing (one of the four times this season the Jaguars have accomplished that feat).

Basically what all of this is trying to get at is this: The Jaguars need to run the ball. When they can't they become one dimensional. When a team is one dimensional, defenses tee off and offenses flounder. Ask the Panthers; all they can do is run the ball. Ask the Bills; all they can do is pass. The only exceptions are the teams with all-stars at QB: The Colts and the Steelers. They can be one dimensional, because that one dimension is based around Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger and the new NFL loves the passsing game. It used to be true of New England. Brady used to sling the ball all over the field before the law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis partnered with Danny Woodhead to power that running game. Remember Brady's 50 TD year? Garrard is a suitable NFL QB. He has a live arm and when he has time, he can be very accurate. He can lead a good team to the playoffs from his spot as the 16th or so best QB in the league, but not without a running game.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... I know the Jaguars come to me for ideas on how to run their team, but they really shouldn't listen to everything I say. I mean, I'm really not right all the time. I thought the Miami Dolphins were gonna win their division this year. Just stay with what's worked Jags, and if you find yourself without MJD, you gotta know that Garrard might not be able to win it for you on his own. I guess that's just how it goes in this game. There are some positives from Sunday, and I'll do my best to find them later in the week. For now, let's get some distance between our anger and the team itself. Maybe Del Rio and Garrard deserve to be questioned for their performances, but maybe we should wait until the end of the season. My thoughts on Garrard have changed more than a few times. For now, let's just keep in mind that the division is still technically up for grabs.