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Jaguars run the life out of the Titans

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The first match up  between the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars featured one team straight up dominating the other. Today's match-up in Nashville displayed the exact same thing, but the roles flip flopped. From the start of the football game, the Jacksonville Jaguars completely dominated the Tennessee Titans in virtually every way possible. The Jaguars offensive line straight mauled a banged up Titans defensive line.

A week after getting beat up by Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan once again got beat up by the Jaguars rushing attack, all day long. The Jaguars continuously ran at Finnegan and Finnegan did nothing by shy away from contact. On one particular play, he had an easy tackle on Greg Jones, but when Jones lowered his shoulder, Finnegan turned into a bull fight an "O'lay'ed" Jones allowing him to get a few more yards.

All game long Maurice Jones-Drew gashed the Titans defense all game, rarely going down on first contact. The Jaguars offensive line simply dominated the Titans defensive line, and Jones-Drew obliged by gaining 6 yards a clip ending the day with 186 yards on 31 carries. The 186 yards on the day was the most rushing yards Jones-Drew has had in his career. Even back up running back Rashad Jennings got in on the action with 44 rushing yards on 10 carries, including an 11-yard touchdown run on 4th and 1 after a Michael Griffin missed tackle.

For the most part, the Jaguars didn't even really need David Garrard today, who quietly simply did what little was asked of him, completing 15 of his 19 passes for 126 yards. Most of it was on short passes and screens, which is all the Jaguars needed today. They simply dominated Tennessee up front and didn't need to throw the football.

Not enough can be said about how badly the Jaguars offensive line outplayed the Titans defensive line today. It was a run blocking clinic. Along with the offensive line, the efforts of Greg Jones, Zach Potter, Marcedes Lewis, and Zach Miller all contributed heavily to the domination.

The football Gods looked down on the Jaguars today and smiled as they won 17-6. Maybe they'll smile on them some more right now, as the Dallas Cowboys currently lead the Indianapolis Colts 27-14.