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Urban Meyer resigns from Florida (Again), Jaguar fans can now smile smugly

As you've probably heard by now, Urban Meyer will be resigning as the head coach of the Florida Gators. (Yes, Again).

For four years, no team in college football was better than the Florida Gators. With Tim Tebow running Meyer's offense to perfection, it seemed as if he could do no wrong.

As blackouts and dysfunction began to grip the Jaguars after the 2007 season, the national media began an almost nonstop campaign to "Save" the Jaguars. The standard answer was to draft Tim Tebow, the local kid who would guarantee sell outs. The second part was to grab the miracle making coach, Meyer, and ride it to a Super Bowl.

Well, it appears that duo would've ridden the Jaguars somewhere. Off a cliff.

Listen, I harbor no ill will towards either Tim Tebow or Urban Meyer. Nor do I harbor any illwill to Gator fans who can separate college football from the NFL. However, I do harbor plenty towards the media hacks and bandwagon "Gator" fans who constantly yacked about this for two years.

Those with any kind of clear thinking realized that drafting Tebow and hiring Meyer would've been terribly short sided. But that didn't stop anyone with a keyboard and basic knowledge of English from saying that's exactly what the Jaguars should've done.

Now, the Jaguars are sitting in first place in the AFC South with Gene Smith vindicated on the Tyson Alualu pick. Jack Del Rio will get Coach of the Year consideration if he can close the deal on the AFC South.

Meanwhile, Urban Meyer suddenly became mortal as he lost longtime assistant Dan Mullen, and looked downright mediocre without Tebow. Speaking of Tim, it seems he still can't get on the field despite being on a 3-9 team.

When you walk into work tomorrow Jag fans, just look at all those Gator fans who gave you crap and smile.