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If we redid the 2010 Draft... Tyson Alualu is still a Top 10 Pick

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I was trying to think of a clever way to cheat and fit "Urban Meyer Resigns" into my headline, but it seems Jonathan beat me to it, so I'll share another nugget with Jaguars fans that they can smugly smile about. Rick Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News does a re-draft every season based on value and how the players are playing. Typically, it's faired out well for the Jaguars and in the instance with Tyson Alualu, he went right at the 10 spot again.

"I was hearing I was a solid second-rounder, maybe a late first," Alualu told Gosselin in Nashville.

We were able to find out during NFL Network's draft coverage the Dallas Cowboys had Alualu rated 22nd on their Big Board for the draft, so teams did in fact view him as a first round quality player and he's played up to it. "We knew exactly what we were getting, and he's been what we thought we were getting," Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio told Gosselin. "He has a great motor and plays with awareness. He's a tough kid who's going to play 10 years in the league, maybe more. He's a good football player."

Alualu has proven to be worthy of the 10th overall pick. And that's what the draft should be about - finding the best players. Buffalo was criticized in 2006 for "reaching" for Ohio State safety Donte Whitner. The Bills made him the eighth overall pick, at least a half a round higher than he was projected to go.

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