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Raiders @ Jaguars: Bad Blood?

There was some wheeling and dealing between Gene Smith and Al Davis during this offseason, but with both teams at .500 or better and in the playoff hunt, it's hard to argue that one team fleeced another. Instead it would appear that both teams benefited from their respective moves and were able to improve their football teams. The Jaguars made a trade that brought in their new starting middle linebacker, Kirk Morrison, while also trading away Quentin Groves.

After all was said and done, the Jaguars sent Quentin Groves and a 4th rounder to Oakland in exchange for two 5th rounders and Kirk Morrison. In addition, the Jaguars released John Henderson who later signed a one year deal with the Raiders. Morrison, Groves and Henderson have all been moderately successful in their new jerseys while the three draft picks (Jacoby Ford, Austen Lane, Larry Hart) also have both teams pleased.

So all's good in the neighborhood, right? Apparently not.

"It's going to feel good to go and whip somebody's you know what," the usually good-natured Henderson said.

There was a pause, and when reporters started laughing, tackle Richard Seymour leaned in from the next locker and said, "He isn't laughing."

"I wasn't laughing," Henderson said. "I hope he goes and puts it on his bulletin board, too. ... They better bring it. That's all I gotta say. Put that on the bulletin board, too."

- Vittorio Tafur, San Francisco Chronicle

Apparently Henderson wasn't particularly happy with the way the Jaguars released him. It wasn't that the released him, but how. Now he's ready to stick it to the man. The man being Jack Del Rio.

"I want them to run all day," he said. "Run the power. Run the weak. Run all that to me when I'm in the game. I hope he sees when I'm in the game. Please, run it. I'm telling him this, right now: Run it."

- Vittorio Tafur, San Francisco Chronicle

Quentin Groves and Kirk Morrison haven't really let on that this isn't any more than just another game for them. Neither has former Jaguar, Khalif Barnes, or former Raider, Slade Norris, for that matter.

But know that when John Henderson is in the game, he'll be playing inspired football.