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Should the Jaguars go with a defensive end in the 1st round?

The Jaguars had a league low 14 sacks last year, nearly breaking a NFL record for fewest sacks in a 16 game season. With many pundits already writing off 2008's draft class (Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves) as busts, the "sexy" pick for analysts who actually do some homework before just giving Tebow to the Jags in the first has been defensive end. The two most often players have been Georgia Tech defensive end Derrick Morgan and USF DE Jason Pierre-Paul.

It would seem like a logical pick for the Jaguars. Playing in a division with Matt Schaub and Peyton Manning, the quicker the pocket collapses the better. However, should the Jaguars go with a defensive end in the first round? I don't think they should, for a couple of reasons.

1. With Reggie Hayward gone for the year, even when the Jaguars were playing the 4-3 last year, the Jags were relegated to really playing with 3 defensive linemen. Whoever was playing at the RE spot, whether it was Quentin Groves, Jeremy Navarre, James Wyche, or your grandmother, the Jaguars never had much more than a blocking sled at that position. It seems the Jaguars will resign Hayward, affording them the ability to have 4 competent starting defensive linemen again.

2. The Jaguars history with defensive linemen shows that they can get help there in later rounds. The two best defensive end picks in the franchise's history were Tony Brackens (2nd round) and Bobby McCray (7th round). Value can be found at a position that the DE position in any draft, and that is especially important to remember with so many going in the first round now.

3. The Jaguars still have a lot invested in Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves. Sadly, that has to be taken in account regardless of anything else. Spending top 10 money for the 2nd time in 3 years on the defensive end position is throwing up the white flag.