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2010 Scouting Report: Brian Price, DT - UCLA

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Jaguar fans can speak to the impact a defensive tackle can bring. When Marcus Stroud and John Henderson roamed the field there wasn't a concern over who was playing defensive end. Interior running lanes were negated and opposing quarterback's were forced to move laterally to find space to step into their throws.

Last year the team benefited from a solid draft pick in Terrance Knighton. This filled a much needed gap left by a role player in Rob Meier (recently released) and underperforming Derek Landri (released during the 2009 season). With John Henderson getting on in age and without any real lack of depth at the position, DT still presents itself as a definite team need.

Jacksonville's failure to groom a pass rushing defensive end is well documented and due to the position's high profile nature is a target for first round speculation. One need only look at the absence of Dwight Freeney to see where a game can go when you have no end pressure on a top tier quarterback. However, the Freeney's of the world are limited. Of those who will probably be available for the Jaguars, it is debatable whether they offer anything more than what is presently on the roster.

Brian Price, a junior DT from UCLA, should afford an interesting option at either the 10th or 11th spot. Some draft watchers\experts have him listed as the number three DT on in this year's draft. A solid combine could lock Price as a sure 10-15 pick.

Judge for yourself after the jump.

DT Brian Price Highlights/Lowlights 2009 UCLA (via ProDraftParty)

Here is what some of the pundits are saying.



· Shoots the gap with an explosion of speed and power.

· A true pocket collapser.

· Chases down plays from behind. Takes away cut back lanes.

· Superb athleticism. Moves around like a linebacker in the open field.

· Penetrator who disrupts plays in the backfield.

· Quick first step as a pass rusher.


· Overaggressive at times. Occasionally takes himself out of plays.

· Must be more disciplined in defending the screen.

· Lacks ideal height and bulk.

· Does not have the frame to get bigger.

· Struggles to defeat double teams.

Walter Football


· Strong, thick, wide body

· Tremendous short area quickness

· Nice initial pop at the point of attack

· Explodes off snap

· Great instincts - recognizes play quickly

· Gives solid second effort

· Disciplined in gap control

· Active hands - doesn't let linemen get into his body

· Has a deadly club move


· Frame is maxed out

· Gets engulfed against bigger linemen

· Can get overwhelmed and frustrated when run at

· Lacks great speed

· Lacks upside - a bit of an overachiever

Price's collegiate numbers.



















1-1 (0)












1-1 (0)

Tackles: 6 v. Arizona State, 2009
Sacks: 2.0 vs. Arizona State, 2009; at Tennessee, 2009
Tackles for loss: 4 vs. Arizona State, 2009; at Tennessee, 2009


He was a candidate for awards (Bendarik and Lott Trophy) and winner of Pat Tillman Defensive Player of the Year. Other honors include Pac 10 defensive player of the year, first-team All Pac !0 and first-team All American by Sports Illustrated and the American Football Coaches Association.

My Thoughts

Having watched a good number of UCLA football games I list Brian Price as a player the Jaguars should be high on. He moves well for a 6'2", 300 lb lineman and exhibits above average technique. This accompanied with his ability to maintain a good pad level allows him to either beat offensive lineman at the snap or maintain gap control. Price compliments his talent with intelligence and is a high character player.

I do have concerns with his lower body strength as I'm in agreement he can get pushed around depending on the size of his opponent. There are also times when he enages without the leg drive and loses his leverage, something that may be a red flag against NFL talent.

Lance Zierlein, author of The Z Report, notes that his sources state concerns over Price's ability to hold the point of attack and we should see him begin to fall down mock draft boards. If you watch the Temple highlights specifically you will see Brian get stood up and pancaked. It is an example of my concern over leg drive and I think Lance's comments are justified.

However, as a one gap DT in a 4-3 alignment I believe Brian Price is not a risk\reward pick much like a defensive end might be. Price is capable of being a force against the run and the pass and I'm a firm believer in building the front from the inside out. Best case scenario for the Jaguars is that they can trade down and still grab him, possibly getting better value. Regardless, I see Price as worthy of the 10\11 pick.

- Brian Fullford