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Rumor: Jaguars interested in Kevin Kolb?

Rumor: According to the internet grape vine, the Jaguars are interested in Eagles back up QB Kevin Kolb. The reported initial offer is that the Jaguars would send their first round pick (10/11) to the Eagles for their first round pick (24) and Kolb.

BCC's Take: As of right now, I have to say it's bogus, or far from a done deal if there is validity to it. Matt Cassell's 2nd round price tag was reported to be a "discount", while the Texans had to include two second round picks to grab Matt Schaub from Atlanta. Not to mention Donovan McNabb's name once again showing up in trade rumors, and who knows what. IF the Jags are serious about Kolb, I think swapping first round picks and next year's 2nd rounder is a much more likely asking price.