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Draft Thoughts - 66 Days Before Radio City Music Hall

I saw a mock draft over at in which the Jaguars drafted OT Anthony Davis of Rutgers and the author took a lot of heat for obvious reasons. Why would the Jaguars draft a tackle in the first round if they spent a first and second rounder on the position in 2009? However, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. There would be a camp battle between Britton and Davis for the RT spot and the loser could take over as a guard. Can you guys imagine how exciting that young line would be with Eugene Monroe, Anthony Davis and Eben Britton?

In 2010 best available player has to be the philosophy used when drafting, regardless of position. The only position that would bother me if it were drafted in the first round, would be tight end. However, I don't see how any of the tight end prospects would be the best available player at the 10th or 11th spot, so I'm not too worried about it. 

Last year I was afraid of the Jaguars drafting the WR position. Failed attempts year after year made me nervous about the Jaguars drafting and I wasn't too convinced that Gene Smith would do anything to prove me wrong. After all, he was just another person in the triangle that had been the source of the Jaguars drafting issues in the first place. Well he proved himself last year and I have full faith in him this year. That is why I am not nervous about the DE position. Similar to the predicament of last year, many fans are afraid of the Jaguars drafting defensive ends, especially in the first round. If Gene Smith decides that a defensive end is the best available player, then I have no reason to believe he isn't.

SImply put, if the price to acquire Kevin Kolb is really trading first round picks, the Jaguars should and would make that trade so fast it would make Andy Reid's head spin. How much more compensation the trade would require is the big question mark. In the event that a trade does happen, the coin toss that decides whether the Jaguars draft 10th or 11th could prove to be very important. The value that that one particular extra spot brings is equal to about the value of a 5th round pick according to the trade value chart.

What I'm looking for most in this draft is for the Jaguars to draft lineman after lineman. Stockpile both the defensive and offensive line with talent and build around them. For that reason along with others, my favorite first round prospect for the Jaguars is DT Brian Price of UCLA. He would be a pass rushing DT to compliment the run stuffing DT that is Terrance Knighton. Whether the Jaguars trade Henderson this year or not, his days in Jacksonville are clearly numbered and the position needs addressing. The prospects that I would take instead of Price if available are only Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Eric Berry and Russell Okung. 

- Adam Stites


The Jaguars are on the clock and somehow all 4 of the following prospects are available. As GM, who do you draft?

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    Rolando McClain
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    Joe Haden
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  • 10%
    Brian Price
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    Jimmy Clausen
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