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Could The Chargers Be A Potential Trade Partner For The Jaguars?

Some interesting news out of Charger camp. ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting Antonio Cromartie may be on the trading block. According to the article, San Diego would be interested in obtaining a running back as it appears LaDainian Tomlinson will not be returning.

The first thing that struck me when reading this was what Cromartie has done, or isn't doing, to warrant him as a trade candidate. He had a stellar 2007 season in where he was voted to the Pro Bowl and was an All-Pro. You also may recall his 109 yard touchdown return off a missed FG against Minnesota. Ten interceptions in your 2nd year will obviously set the bar high so the question is whether 2008 (in which AC states he played with a broken hip) and 2009 were more indicative of what to expect.

Jacksonville has nothing to offer in a 1:1 trade, save MJD (talk about taking crazy pills). Teams like Baltimore and Dallas have depth which would make them candidates. The question would be whether the Chargers want to go with youth or experience. How much do they trust Darren Sproles to carry the load? More so, as a RFA, will Sproles leave for more pay?

Though now it is just rumor, this makes the combine more interesting with respect to the running backs. C. J. Spiller, out of Clemson, looks to be the first back taken off the board. Some mocks have him top 10 with most having him around 15. If he blows up at the combine teams may find taking him at 10\11 as a value selection.

Beyond the actual speculation of the trade, this highlights a team with a need. Sure the Bolts could fill the spot with a veteran like Marion Barber but there is also the variable of potentially losing Sproles and thereby needing someone to build for the future. The NFL has shown us that you can never have too much depth in the backfield.

Should the Chargers state Cromartie is not on the trading block then a draft day trade becomes more of a reality. The 49rs are hot candidate to take Spiller at 13, and though the Dolphins needs are on the defensive side of the ball, they could decide bringing in the Clemson RB to compliment an aging Ricky Williams and injury burdened Ronnie Brown (though that would mean passing on DT Dan Williams). The Jaguars draft slot then becomes a perfect place to grab C.J..

I don't think Jacksonville is a player for Cromartie. What I do think is that even taking about trading a player like AC, who plays a position of high need, indicates the Chargers are willing to deal. That dealing may extend to draft day.