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2010 Scouting Report: Alterraun Verner

Well after a bit of a break from our BCC scouting reports, I have a new one for all of you. Alterraun Verner just might be the perfect fit for the Jaguars and due to his lack of top-end speed, he might be attainable at a good value.

Verner lacks the top gear speed necessary to catch up to a receiver after the player has gotten behind him and he'll likely need a safety over the top to help him. But that's where the weaknesses stop. He's a very instinctive leader who knows how to make all the plays he needs to make. Alterraun has smooth hips that allow him to change direction quickly and effeciently. He has a good burst of acceleration that allows him to make jumps on balls a la Rashean Mathis and keep up with receivers quickly off the line. However, this has gotten him in trouble on double moves, also a la Rashean Mathis, so again, needs a safety over the top.

The ideal situation for Verner would be in a zone defense. The Jaguars love to run a cover two system and Alterraun Verner would be a perfect fit for this type of defense. In run support, Verner is good at shedding blocks and isn't afraid to stick his head in there to make a tackle. He has solid form that allows him to take down even the bigger backs.

Verner's draft position is probably going to be largely dependent upon his performance in the 40 yard dash. A good performance could erase the worries of NFL GMs about his elite tier speed, while a poor performance could validate such beliefs.

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Alterraun Verner: By the Numbers

Alterraun Verner
Position 1: Cornerback
Height: 5'10
Position 2: Kick Returner
Weight: 181
Class: Senior Age: 21
Projected Round: 3rd-4th

40time: 4.4-4.6

3rd Team All-American 2009

1st Team All-Pac 10 2009

2nd Team All-Pac 10 2008

Ronnie Lott Award Semifinalist 2009

Stats Overview Tackles Misc Ints
2006 56 39 17 1 2 123 61.5 89 2
2007 75 53 22 1 4 76 19.0 76 1
2008 73 52 21 1 2 0 0.0 0 0
2009 69 49 20 0 5 158 31.6 68 1

According to the Experts

CBS Sports - In depth analysis of all aspects of Verner's play.

Consensus Draft Services


Good cover and run corner. Has the ability to stay with WRs and has improved his ability to stick with the double move and not bite as quickly. Good hands and will make the interception when he gets the chance. Willing run defender.


Lacks elite speed. Still can be had on double moves by crafty WRs. Needs to work on being more physical against the bigger WRs.

NFL Draft Dog


Strengths: Speed, quickness, height, anticipation, versatility, and intelligence


Weaknesses: Bulk and strength