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Uche Nwaneri and Mark Brunell Sound Off on You Know Who

No not Voldemort, a certain QB at a certain college near Jacksonville by the name of Tim Tebow. Earlier today Uche Nwaneri posted his opinion of Tebow on the message board:

"5. He cant throw. PERIOD. 

"4. He cant read any coverage other than probably cover 2 or man cov. PERIOD (the only cov. in college lol).


"2. He doesnt know how to take a snap from center, nor is he even comfortable enough to. 

"1. HE CANT THROW. and thats really something you either have or not, never seen a qb who couldnt ever throw, just all of a sudden be able to throw just because hes now in the NFL."

Mark Brunell, the former Jaguars QB who will be handling holding duties in the Super Bowl for the Saints, had a different opinion than that of Nwaneri.

"If they want him on the field and they think he can contribute, I think [the Jaguars] should [draft him]," Brunell said at Super Bowl media day. "I think he's going to be a good football player. I think he'll do well at this level."

"But I don't think Timmy wants to go to Jacksonville if they're drafting him just to sell tickets. He wants to compete and play. So if they want a good football player, absolutely [draft him]."

"I really respect Tim because he's taken his faith, taken who he is and he's making a difference. He's a great role model for a lot of young people and a great leader. Who he is is more important than what he does. He's a great kid."


Have at it BCC