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Jaguars have a large contingent at Georgia Tech's Pro Day and other draft thoughts

According to the fine guys over at Mocking the Draft, the Jaguars had a large contingent of scouts at Georgia Tech's Pro Day. It isn't much of a surprise considering the Yellow Jackets have a lot of good players to offer, including Jonathan Dwyer and Morgan Burnett. However, the Jaguars were there mainly to observe defensive end Derrick Morgan. Again, this isn't too much of a surprise considering Morgan is the near universally regarded #1 DE in the draft. Perhaps even more impressively, he has managed to do the impossible of overtaking Tim Tebow as the most popular Jags pick in mock drafts. 

However, he didn't do much to endear himself to scouts today. The biggest thing teams came away with was how winded Morgan got while performing the drills. Getting winded while doing basic Pro Day drills is going to make teams wonder what Mr.Morgan has been doing since the Orange Bowl, heck maybe since the ACC Championship game. Knowing this, it'll be interesting to see how his interview with the Jaguars went. If any red flags came up, the ship may have sailed on the Jaguars using the 10th pick on Morgan. 

In other news already reported, the Jaguars will conduct a workout with Texas S Earl Thomas. Thomas hasn't been a popular target at #10, but this will certainly raise some eyebrows. Granted, the Jaguars never worked out Eugene Monroe before selecting him at #8, but that was an entirely different set of circumstances. 

Barring Reggie Nelson finding the "On" switch like he did his rookie year, the Jaguars need to find a safety and Thomas could be that guy. Thomas certainly has the skills to be either a corner or a safety at the next level, which is probably why the Jaguars would be interested in him. 

However, that's all contingent on the Cleveland Browns not taking Thomas. Cleveland will also be conducting a workout with Thomas. However, considering Mike Holmgren's up and down draft record while at Seattle, who knows how Cleveland will go.

Between working out LeRoy Vann and Armanti Edwards, it's clear the Jaguars are looking to try and upgrade the return game. However, I have to wonder why isn't Mike Thomas being given more of a shot? Thomas did well returning punts last year, and he with another year he could become even better. Or do the Jaguars plan to keep him mostly at receiver next year?

Funniest draft related tweet of the day: "Browns trade Brady Quinn, an overrated Notre Dame QB, in hopes of

drafting Jimmy Clausen, an overrated Notre Dame QB. What could go wrong?"