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Can the Jaguars ever narrow down their choices at #10?

I've been racking my brain for awhile on this issue. Everyone has their ideas as to who is the best fit for their team, as has been evidenced by the wide variety of opinions as to who the Jaguars should take with the tenth pick. Just to give you an idea on how wide opinions can be off the mark, fill in the blanks of this quote

Give me the linebacker-sized ____(A)________, who at 6-5, 238 pounds is more rugged, less susceptible to injury than the 6-5, 222-pound ____(B)____. [Quarterback A] is a better athlete, stronger of arm and more fiery than [quarterback B]. To those who point out that he's also rawer, I say: So what? No quarterback does squat until he's been in the league at least three years. And to scouts cautioning that [quarterback A] is a "free spirit," spare me. You had the same line on Brett Favre.

Now that mock drafters are finally going away from the lazy answer of Tim Tebow, there have been plenty of different opinions as to who the Jaguars will take at the tenth pick in the draft. While the majority have settled on Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan, that pick is looking closer and closer to joining Tebow.

So then, really, who will the Jaguars try to get with the tenth pick? They've sent scouts to see Morgan at his Pro Day, they'll work out Earl Thomas in a few weeks, and have been to several other Pro Days, yet we're nowhere near closer to figuring out who they'll go with.

It's the beauty of the draft that allows for such speculation. For every strength there is also a flaw. With all of this in mind, let's take a look at all of the Jaguars realistic options at #10 and see what we can figure out.
CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
Why he is the pick: An explosive playmaker who can line up at running back, wide receiver, and returner. If the Jaguars can find a patch on the offensive line, maybe the last piece of the puzzle is adding a guy who is a legit threat to break it 80 yards everytime he has the ball, and that player is Spiller.

Why he isn't the pick: Does the name Reggie Bush ring any bells?

Anthony Davis, T, Rutgers
Why he is the pick: The Jaguars could complete their hope of resurrecting the Boselli/Searcy combo by taking Davis and kicking Eben Britton to guard. In addition, he could potentially end up even better than Eugene Monroe.

Why he isn't the pick: Do you really want to spend the tenth pick on a guy who will be a RT initially?

Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
Why he is the pick: Best player at the position of highest need for the Jaguars. Allows the team to have another option of Aaron Kampman doesn't work out.

Why he isn't the pick: Poor Pro Day and bowl game suggest he hasn't been having a focus post season regiment. Will that translate into his pro game?

Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama
Why he is the pick: The Jaguars have stated they want to address the MLB position, and McClain is the best one in the draft. Nick Saban said he's the best defensive player he's had, and that isn't a recommendation you take lightly.

Why he isn't the pick: It seems he doesn't have the sideline to sideline speed you want, and he has made several comments to the fact he wants to play in a 3-4 rather than a 4-3.

Earl Thomas, S, Texas
Why he is the pick: He had an insanely productive sophomore year at Texas. He has the speed and instincts to play corner as well as safety, which adds value.

Why he isn't the pick: Does this pick officially signal the end for Reggie Nelson? Do you gamble on a player who was essentially a one year wonder.

Quote Answers
A: Ryan Leaf
B: Peyton Manning