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Jaguars' Trade Value: 2010 Draft

Right now, the Jaguars stand with a whopping five picks in this year's deep draft. Will it stay that way, absolutely not. Will anyone want to trade up to the number 10 spot... not likely. But let's forget what we'll do with our first overall pick, and instead focus on our other opportunities to gain draft picks. 

Compensatory picks - Gene Smith has had great luck gaining picks, and I think if the Jaguars' get one 7th rounder, it will be a blessing. 

Trades: Right now the Jaguars' have numerous opportunities to gain picks for players... Let's look at what we've got.

John Henderson - Obviously, after have a fantastic year, John could possibly fetch a 2nd and a 4th round pick. He is an obvious player teams will be targeting on draft day should their plan to get a  DT fall through. 

Reggie Nelson - Would you take a late 2nd or early third for Nelson right now? I would. He was a formerr first rounder who has dealt with a different cocoordinator every season since his rookie year, he's got value.

Luke McCown - The Jaguars' literally stole McCown from the Bucs, and if Gene finds a QB he likes who fits BAP, don't put it past him to trade the recently acquired McCown if he can get a 5th or 6th rounder (His true value). 

Clint Ingram - The LB falls into the category of being able to be tendered should the Jaguars' want to, and they have decided to give him an original round pick tender, so should another team sign him, the team will immediately receive a third round pick. However, should they re-sign the embattled LB, they wouldn't hesitate to let him go for a 5th or 6th rounder. 

Who's your trade bait?

-Collin Streetman