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Joe Haden turns in Sub-par 40 time, may slide past the Jaguars

Remember how everyone was on the Malcolm Jenkins to Jacksonville bandwagon last year? Remember how he turned in a 4.55 40 at the combine and that all went away?

Well, it's safe to say now that Joe Haden's stock has taken a hit and may slide past the Jaguars radar if they stay at the #10 spot. If the commotion on twitter is correct, Haden turned in a 4.57 and 4.6 in his 40 yard dash. In a position where speed is the x factor, Haden may have ran himself out of the top 10.

While Haden's coverage skills can't be denied, any corner taken in the Top 10 is expected to hold his own with most #1 receivers, and a 4.6 40 time won't cut it against deep threats.

Haden is still easily the best corner in the draft, but the image he had of being the best corner to come out in years took a hit.