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Jaguars in play for McNabb?

Piggybacking off the quarterback breakdown written by Jonathan, there might be some legs to Jacksonville being interested in Donovan McNabb. As it's been mentioned before, the Eagles would prefer to get a pick in thetop 40 of this April's draft, a pick the Jaguars do not have outside of their 10th overall pick.  If the draft falls a certain way, it could potentially give the Jaguars a power play if they are indeed interested in McNabb.

It's been reported that the Philadelphia Eagles have a workout scheduled with Tennessee safety Eric Berry.  While it's no surprise Philadelphia, who's been looking for another safety, would take a look at the top safety prospect in Berry, there really isn't a good shot for them to pick him up unless a move is made. There is a slight chance, given how the top 9 picks of the draft shake out, that Eric Berry could be available at pick number 10.

There are some rumors afloat that Jacksonville is interested in Donovan McNabb and rumored to have even offered a 3rd round pick for him.  If someone like Eric Berry is available, who the Eagles are interested in, it could spark a potential move for Donovan McNabb. The theory has been floated before about the Jaguars swapping first round picks for McNabb, but the problem was searching for a player the Eagles would be looking to trade up for.

I present to you, Eric Berry.

This would accomplish two things: It gives the Jaguars a legit starter at the quarterback position for at least 2-3 more seasons. McNabb has been consistent the past 4 years with the Eagles, and I see no reason for him to slow down soon.  Not only that, but it gets the Jaguars out of the top 10 and to the early 20's (pick 24 to be exact). With pick 24 in the draft, there are much better options for the Jaguars.  They could go with center Maurkice Pouncey whom they've shown a lot of interest in. Boise State corner Kyle Wilson, UCLA's defensive tackle Brian Price, and Missouri's linebacker Sean Weatherspoon are also very legit choices and all of which whom the Jaguars have shown interest in.

Another thing it adds is excitement. It's going to be kind of difficult for fans to get up for another season with David Garrard at the helm. Through 4 seasons of Garrard starting 10 games or more, the Jaguars have had just one winning season. Couple that with how the end of last year went down, I would think the Jaguars would need to make some kind of move at the quarterback position to get fans excited. A move like this would also spark some ticket sales. It won't cure the problem, but it will spark some.

Keep an eye on the McNabb situation, it's very possible the Jaguars could get involved.

Just sayin'.