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2010 Scouting Report Presented by Comcast: Junior Galette, DE, Stillman

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This scouting report is presented by Comcast

Firstly, I want to give a tip of the hat to Ewdtrey for a fanpost he did over two months ago about Junior Galette, a small school tweener that he thought looked like a potential Gene Smith pick. It appears that he is absolutely correct in that assumption, as the Jaguars are one of four teams showing the most interest in Galette. Thought by many to be a prospect that would be best as a 3-4 OLB in the NFL, it's worth noting that the four teams showing interest in Galette are the Jets, Giants, Saints and Jaguars. Three of those four teams play in a 4-3 and would have the 6'2, 257 pound playing with his hand on the ground in their system.

Junior Galette did not play his entire collegiate career at Stillman, in fact he only spent his senior year there. Galette started his career at Temple on a line that featured future Jaguar Terrence Knighton, but an undisclosed incident that has been called a violation of team rules forced Galette to transfer to Stillman to continue his football career. Proving whether or not this incident was worthy of character concerns is something that I'm sure Galette had to discuss with teams at the scouting combine. The fact that the Jaguars are still showing interest in Galette leads me to believe that Gene Smith does not find his character to be a concern.

Prior to the event that forced his transfer, Galette was a very productive player, starting in all of his three years as a Temple Owl. In each his sophomore and junior campaigns he accumulated a team leading 8 sacks. He continued the trend at Stillman, finishing his senior season with 9.5 sacks for the Tigers, earning himself an invite to the scouting combine.

The question that has to be asked is how successful can Galette be in a 4-3 with his hand on the ground. He has size similar to that of Dwight Freeney, however we must be careful to remember that Freeney is not the rule, but the exception. To make up for his size, Freeney has sub-4.4 speed in the 40 yard dash while Galette ran a 4.77 at the combine. Is it possible that Galette could be successful in a 4-3 a la Freeney, yes. But is it possible that he will never be more than a situational pass rusher, definitely. Gene Smith will be the one with that decision on his hands.

Video Killed the Scouting Report:

Junior Galette Combine Workout

Junior Galette: By The Numbers


Junior Galette
Position 1:  Defensive End
Height:  6'2
Position 2:  Outside Linebacker
Weight: 257
Class:  Senior Age:  22
Projected Round: 6th-UDFA

 40time:  4.77


Stats Overview Tackles
2006 (Temple) 52 32 20 1.0 0
2007 (Temple) 41 20 21 8.0 2
2008 (Temple) 46 27 19 8.0 1
2009 (Stillman) 56 37 19 9.5 3

According to the Experts


Galette possesses the explosive burst off the edge you look for in a 3-4 outside linebacker or situational rush end in a 4-3. He exhibits impressive instincts and was highly-productive during his time in college. Is a high-motor, high-effort guy who plays through the whistle. He has the athleticism to make plays in the backfield.


He is a true 'tweener prospect due to lack of adequate size to be a defensive end or speed at the outside linebacker spot. May not have the strength to effectively defend the run when teams run at him or hold up at the point of attack. Will struggle in man coverage. Has an injury history and character concerns that will cause him to drop.


Read & React: Reads tackle's movement well to determine run or pass. Will be fooled by misdirection but has the reaction and recovery speed to get back into the play. Hesitates on his way to the quarterback on fake throws. Doesn't hustle and chase when plays are not directly in front of him.

Run defense: Flashes pop as a bull rusher with the ability to punch blockers on the edge, but lacks the strength and length to regularly get off blocks from NFL tackles. Can spin off blocks to get back into the hole. Gets skinny to penetrate against the run. Strong enough to move down the line while engaged and make the play on the edge. Uses his hands to defeat the cut and has the quickness to chase down ballcarriers from behind. Flowed through trash to make tackles when playing linebacker. Could chase plays run away from him more consistently.

Pass defense: Needs to prove himself in this area since his role will change at the next level. Athletic enough to handle coverage responsibilities; able to stop and change directions quickly to stay with running backs in the flat. Will give up height to receivers and tight ends, but is a strong enough tackler to limit gains after the catch in zones.

Tackling: Wraps up when chasing and on the edge very well. Uses his quickness and low center of gravity to break down in space, corralling ballcarriers before they can elude him. Holds containment well; tough for running backs to get past him when one-on-one. Can be explosive in the backfield, and doesn't miss sacks often.

Pass Rush/Blitz: Usually plays with his hand down, and shows nice explosion off the snap to get the corner. Active with his hands, trying to distance himself from the tackle or get to the ball until it is away. Fights through double teams whether twisting inside or when guard helps out tackle on his inside rush. Good spin move, but he must consistently drive his man upfield first for it to be effective. Can feign outside move and cut inside if slower tackles do not lay their hands on him at the line. Lacks great length, and can be engulfed on the line and pushed around the pocket easily. Uses his low center of gravity to get under his man's outside shoulder, or even a bit of a bull rush, but won't move NFL tackles. Takes long strides on his outside pass rush, making it difficult to adjust to draws.

Intangibles: Talkative player on the field, builds up his teammates and lets opponents know their faults. Incident leading to his transfer from Temple will need to be addressed. New Stillman teammates bought into his leadership immediately, electing him captain mere months after his arrival.