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Free Agency Open Thread

At midnight, the 2009 season is considered officially over and the 2010 season has started. With that comes the expiration of all contracts with only a year left and the blitz to sign free agents. I'll be up all night with anyone that cares to join me.

What we know for sure right now is that the Jaguars have resigned every free agent except Clint Ingram and Reggie Hayward. Hayward has decided to test the market and will almost definitely be in a different uniform unless no team takes a chance on him and the Jags bring him back in, which is doubtful at best.

As for Clint Ingram, he has been tendered with an original draft round tender, which means that if another team tries to sign him the Jaguars will have two options. They can match the offer from the prospective team or they could allow him to go and receive a 3rd round draft pick from the signing team.