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What should Jaguar fans take away from the first day of free agency?

As the first day of free agency begins to wind down, the Jaguars have stayed away from the ESPN headlines. While the NFC North seems to have collectively gone punch drunk in the NFL's first uncapped year since 1994, the Jaguars have kept quiet on the free agent front.

The biggest name the Jaguars were linked to was former Titans DE Kyle Vanden Bosch. While the team did reportedly contact Bosch's agent, it seems he wanted to go to Detriot from the start. Considering  the deal he got could you blame him? Bosch is on the wrong end of 30 and all of that guaranteed coin could be much better used to bring in several young players with something to prove.

The only two solid candidates where the Jaguars appear to be the "leading" candidates are Kaasim Osgood and Jared DeVries.

Osgood apparently wants a legitimate shot at becoming a wide receiver, in addition to being a special teams ace. While many Jags fans thought the WR position was set with resigning Troy Williamson, competition is never a bad thing. In addition, if Williamson doesn't pick up where he left off last season, then having another option will be useful.

As for DeVries, he would seemingly be filling the role Reggie Hayward would be leaving behind. A 12 year veteran, DeVries played under Joe Cullen in Detriot. DeVries' connection with Cullen is probably the main reason the Jaguars are interested in him.

Another player linked with the Jaguars has been Philadelphia DE Jason Babin. However, he has a right of first refusal in his contract, so the Eagles can match any offer.

Either way, it's clear the Jaguars are staying away from the free agent trap this offseason. With team's hedging their bets on a 2011 lockout and spending like drunk sailors, Gene Smith is looking long term. While these aren't house hold names that will sell jerseys, they'll be good cogs in an ever improving machine.