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With the 10th overall selection, the Jaguars pick...

[Note by River City Rage, 03/06/10 11:57 AM EST ] EDITED: Because apparently I don't know how to read. Thanks Zoltan for keeping me on point.

A bunch of tough calls here.  C.J. Spiller looks enticing, but at the same time it's a Running Back, and I believe there are always RB's later in the draft.  I'd use C.J., of course, to try and trade back, but that's not happening here.  Dez Bryant is probably the physical talent at the 10 spot, but he's a wide receiver and reeks of "diva", something that I can't see Gene Smith doing.

That leaves us with two options, in my opinion,  Cornerback Joe Hayden out of Florida, Safety Taylor Mays out of USC, and Defensive End Derrick Morgan out of Georgia Tech.  Joe's knocked for his speed, Taylor is knocked for his ability to turn physical gifts into on the field performance, and Derrick Morgan, who has his flaws, but is probably the best "Jaguar" pick available.  I feel like you've done a good job drafting when you're not completely satisfied.  If you are really happy about your pick, you've probably reached.  Is this perfect, no, but I think Morgan and Harvey would be a great tandem, I think Morgan would be the guy who "cleans up" the pressure that Harvey brings.  Harvey can get pressure, but there's not the guy on the other side who makes the Sack.  Morgan, I think, would be that guy.

BTW, is anyone really sure of Mays time?  I saw a pretty compelling video that he's faster than his "official time".  I'd love to hear a good argument for taking him at that slot.

So, despite reservations, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Derrick Morgan with the 10th overall pick.  I like his size, I like his play, and I think the upside is there.

Here is a 9 minute video of Morgan's highlights and lowlights.

If I were to reach here, I'd skip the Hayden and Mays and go for Earl Thomas out of Texas at Safety.  Then I'd tie Reggie Nelson to a chair in the film room (clockwork orange style) and pair the two together in the backfield.


Your thoughts?