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Better Know a Free Agent Visit: WR Kassim Osgood and DE Aaron Kampman

I can't lie...Jax is very welcoming as a city. I even saw some old friends that live here. just might fit. We will see!!! From Kassim Osgood's Twitter

San Diego special teams pro-bowler and wide receiver Kassim Osgood spent the night in Jacksonville last night, saying in Ponte Vedra, according to his twitter.  Kassim is a rock-solid special teams player looking to find a team that will put him at receiver.  The Jaguars, with Montell Owens, have zero need for Osgood in that phase of the game.  Adding him to the roster means that Gene Smith sees something on Osgood as receiver, that or plans on utilizing Owens more in the running game.

Seriously though, Osgood does not sign with Jacksonville if he's to be a special teamer, this is a guy who sees himself as a wide receiver and would be seen as someone to compliment Mike Walker as the number two receiver.  His price would be a little high to be someone who's just "in the mix", should this signing go down, its to be the front-runner for the spot opposite walker.

There's not a whole lot of film out there that highlights Osgood at WR, in fact youtube seems to only have clips of him at the Pro Bowl interviewing other players, that or making outstanding special teams plays.  Now, don't get me wrong, a guy who's willing to bust his ass on special teams is probably a true "football player", someone that would fit into the Jacksonville mentality that Gene's creating.  Should this move happen, I would wait with anxious anticipation for OTA's so I could see his footwork and speed as a pass-catcher.

The other "big news", is that the speculation about Aaron Kampman visits as led to Jacksonville, where he's to visit with the team.  This is a move that has me intrigued, as he's older, injured, and the exact opposite of what we expect out of a Gene Smith move.  If the Jaguars want an older veteran to be in the rotation at DE, re-sign Reggie Hayward, he's been outstanding with the team and I'd be willing to bet isn't a hard guy to keep.  Aaron's unhappy in Green Bay because he is not a 3-4 player, he's got skills, but I worry about how he'll perform coming off an ACL injury and having to recover from that at his age and still make it happen seems like a stretch. 

Final Verdict:

Osgood = Good Signing

Kampman = Questionable Signing

Your thoughts?