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45 Days to Go and Mock Drafters Have No Idea Who the Jaguars Want

Well here's a roundup of some mock drafts from around the web and what is clear is that people feel the Jaguars could go many different directions with their 10th overall pick. I looked at 12 different mock drafts and found the names of 9 different prospects drafted by the Jaguars. So have at it Big Cat Country, underneath each of the picks is their explanation for the pick.
Mocking Dan - MockingtheDraft (2/16/10) - DE Derrick Morgan - Georgia Tech

Yes, the Jaguars drafted defensive ends Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves in 2008. However, both have underperformed and are nowhere near the player Morgan can be. The team only had 14 sacks in 2009, a number Morgan could get by himself.)

Pat Kirwan - (3/2/10) - S Eric Berry - Tennessee

Berry can play anywhere in the secondary, which means he can match up well on division foes Dallas Clark or Andre Johnson.

Bucky Brooks - (2/16/10) - DE Carlos Dunlap - Florida

After registering only 14 sacks, the Jaguars turn to Dunlap to upgrade their non-existent pass rush. (2/28/10) - WR Dez Bryant - Oklahoma State

Missing the season shouldn't hurt him, but he is going to miss the combine and his pro day on March 10th due to a tweaked hamstring.

Black & Teal (2/6/10) - LB Rolando McClain - Alabama

McClain can play all three linebacker positions and he would add to an already impressive set of Jaguar Linebackers. McClain would add a solid tackler to the edge of the defense which is currently held by Clint Ingram. Ingram could be gone and having a guy like McClain on the depth chart could prove to be a good decision. (3/3/10) - DE Jason Pierre-Paul - South Florida

It's amazing how much hype Jason Pierre-Paul is getting. He had only one mediocre season (15.5 TFL, 5.5 sacks) in Division 1-A football and showed a lack of interest at times, but he's the second coming of Reggie White because he's 6-5, 270 pounds and runs a 4.64. Forgive me, but I don't subscribe to the Al Davis method of drafting. 

Some stupid team will overdraft Pierre-Paul, and it could be the Jaguars. Jacksonville's top need is selling tickets and drawing fan interest. The team's No. 2 need is finding someone who can get to the quarterback. The Jaguars tried the 4-3 and the 3-4 in 2009, but nothing worked. Amazingly, the team finished with just 14 sacks, and no one had more than three. They may think Pierre-Paul can fix this problem. (3/3/10) - DE Derrick Morgan - Georgia Tech

Can the Jags really spend another high pick on a pass-rushing end? We're not so sure, but JAX's total of 14 sacks last year is pathetic. Dez Bryant a strong possibility.

Daniel Jeremiah - (3/8/10) - RB Ryan Mathews - Fresno State

Copying the Panthers with a deadly duo at RB (3/6/10) - CB Joe Haden - Florida

Rashean Mathis is still a warrior, but has shown some vulnerability - and if you read between the lines of GM Gene Smith, the Jaguars learned from the Saints that coverage is as important as pass-rush in defending Peyton Manning. Joe Haden has the potential to be a "shut-down" CB, and is the best "value" on the board at #10.

Consensus Draft Services (3/8/10) - WR Dez Bryant - Oklahoma State

The Jags desperately need a number one receiver and Bryant is the best one available and gives David Garrard the target he needs.

Pete Prisco - (3/4/10) - CB Joe Haden - Florida

Even though he didn't run that well at the combine, he is a quality cover player. You can never have enough in a division with Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub. (3/8/10) - DT Brian Price - UCLA

I still have the Jags taking price with this pick in the 2010 NFL Mock Draft. I just don’t see them passing on him because he has the most upside out of anyone in this 2010 NFL Mock Draft.