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Who Are Your Top 10 Guys?

Daniel Jeremiah is a former scout that has now decided to go a different route with his career, launching a website where he acts as a very informative draft guru. On Twitter he answers questions that give insight into the mindset of actual NFL front offices. One particular answer to a question from a fan caught my eye and got my thinking.

Q: Do teams go into a draft saying I want this guy, or do they keep it more open?

Daniel Jeremiah: If you pick 22, you need to like 22 guys.

So with the Jaguars picking 10th, I ask you BCC who are the 10 guys you like for the Jaguars to pick at 10?

Here are mine:

1. Ndamukong Suh - DT - Nebraska

2. Gerald McCoy - DT - Oklahoma

3. Jimmy Clausen - QB - Notre Dame

4. Eric Berry - S - Tennessee

5. Sam Bradford - QB - Oklahoma

6. Russell Okung - OT - Oklahoma State

7. Earl Thomas - S - Texas

8. Joe Haden - CB - Florida

9. Rolando McClain - LB - Alabama

10. Brandon Graham - DE - Michigan